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Link to Bogu Shops

Mazkiya USA
(has Dojo Discount!)
* We do Group Purchase with Mazkiya USA periodically. Please keep eye on the Group Purchase announcement.
E-Bogu.com E-bogu.com
Maruyama Maruyama Kendo Supply
E-Mudo.com E-Mudo.com
Boguzen.com Boguzen.com

Link to AUSKF and Other Dojos

AUSKF All United States Kendo Federation
mwkf Midwest Kendo Federation
umkendo Kendo Club at the University of Michigan
msukendo MSU Kendo Club
emukendo Eastern Michigan University Kendo

Recommended Book

Historybook Recommended reading by our senseis,
"A Bilingual Guide to the History of Kendo"
by Toshinobu Sakai