How To Make A Tenugui Mask & Kendo Practice Heat Precautions

We would like to remind everyone that for participation in dojo practices, we ask that all members wear a double-mask to ensure strong transmission mitigation.  We encourage a mesh mask next to the face and an additional fabric mask covering the mesh mask. This allows respiration, yet ensures appropriate exhaled droplet containment and inhalation prevention.  When using kendogu (wearing men), we ask that you wear a mask on the inside as well as a rigid faceshield/mouthshield to avoid exhalation/inhalation of droplets. 

For those that are interested in making their own fabric masks, instructions are below showing how to sew your own mask using tenugui (bandana/cloth) material. Thank you very much to dojo member Ishida-san for her adaptation of the instructions from the AJKF guidelines!

  1. Cut out 2 of 3 cm strips from the bottom of the Tenugui.  Then cut the rest of tenugui in half vertically.
  2. Fold in half of the 3cm strip horizontally, then fold 0.5cm of both long sides inside. Iron the strip then sews both long sides together.  This will be attached to the mask in the process ④.
  3. Fold the tenugui in half with the backside out. Then sew 1cm from the outside leaving one side open. Turn over from the inside then iron it.
  4. Sew the strip on process ② to the tenugui on process ③. Making sure the center of the strip and the center of the tenugui matches so the strip will be attached to tenugui evenly. Finish with iron.

We recognize that wearing a double-mask can contribute to difficulty in breathing and heat stress.  Please find below useful information regarding heat stress in kendo:

English (credit to the Associación Ecuatoriana de Kendo) -> KENDOECUADOR.ORG :: Asociación Ecuatoriana de Kendo » Hyperthermia in Kendo «

Japanese (credit to the All Japan Kendo Federation) -> 熱中症 | 全日本剣道連盟 AJKF (

As always, safety is our top priority. Let’s work together to stay safe and participate in our sport!

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