How to Join the Detroit Kendo Dojo

Thank you for your interest in joining the Detroit Kendo Dojo.

Beginners can attend four free classes; after that you need to become a paying member of the dojo.  Before you attend your first class, sent an email to to make arrangements to attend class.  If you are going to Saturday class at the Novi Meadows Elementary School, you will need a pass to enter the building so it is very important that you e-mail at least a week in advance.

Current Monthly Tuition Rates

Individual – $40 / Month

Family –

1st Family  Member – $40 / Month

2nd Family Member – $35 / Month

Additional Family Members – $30 each / Month

Tuition is billed every three months (January/April/July/October).

Tuition is due every 3 months: January, April, July, and October.Cash or check payment is accepted. Check is to be payable to: Detroit Kendo Corporation

Required Actions to Join the Detroit Kendo Dojo

  • All participants at the Detroit Kendo Dojo must complete each of the forms below
  • Note the Parent & Athlete Concussion Information Sheet is only required for participants under age 18
    1. Detroit Kendo Dojo Membership Application
    2. Liability  / Photo Waiver
    3. Parent & Athlete Concussion Information Sheet – Required for any participant under the age of 18
    4. AUSKF COVID-19 Questionnaire – Physical Copy Required for Every Practice


Midwest Kendo Federation and All United States Kendo Federation membership

  • For any new permanent member, registration for both Midwest and All United States Federations is mandatory.
  • As a reminder to each and every member, renewal is mandatory.
  • For 2019-2020 – All current members have until March 31, 2019 to complete their registrations.  New members should complete their registration when they join the Detroit Kendo Dojo. This is for the upcoming 2019-2020 business year.
  • New members must enroll as this impacts their ability to take promotion tests, attend seminars and camps, compete in taikai and be covered by the national insurance policy.
  • Members can register for both Midwest and All United States Kendo Federations at the same time by creating a personal profile and completing the online registration process at 
  • If you have any questions, please consult the site’s Frequently Asked Questions or Contact pages.

Rank Testing Information

[block]All United States Kendo Federaton

The AUSKF manages testing for 5 Dan and above. Information can be found at their website ->

[block]Midwest Kendo Federation

The MWKF coordinates testing for 4 Dan and below. Information can be found at this link ->