2018 Novi Japan Festival

Hi everyone,

Thank you to all of the attendees for coming to see us at the 2018 Novi Japan Festival held on Oct 7th at the Novi High School.

The Detroit Kendo Dojo members were honored to be asked to present a live demonstration of the fundamentals of Kendo. Below are some photos that were taken by the Japan Business Society of Detroit during the event.

We are always looking for new members! Please take a look at our practice schedule or email us for more info.

Tagawa-sensei demonstrated fundamental striking techniques (Men, kote, dou, tsuki)

Dojo Members demonstrated an abbreviated practice session

Website Updated!

Hello everyone,

Longtime visitors will notice that we recently updated our website.

You can find the updated practice schedule on the left side of the page (or the three bar menu if you’re checking from your phone), along with information about Sunday’s Japan Festival and the upcoming 21st Annual Detroit Open Tournament.

Our focus, as always, remains on engaging the southeastern Michigan community to advance the education of Kendo.

It is our hope that the updated website will help people to discover more about Kendo and help them to participate with us at our dojo.

If you have any issues with or suggestions about the website please feel free to post them in the comments or email us directly at detroitkendodojo@gmail.com

Thank you,

Detroit Kendo Dojo